Make ICOs for $GTON related tokens like $CANDY, $OGSWAP, etc

Idea to guarantee a fair launch of $GTON ecosystem tokens which also introduces a new use-case for $GTON.

  1. allocate a certain amount of $CANDY tokens for an ICO where we raise funds in $GTON only
  2. raised $GTON determines market cap and initial LP balance and will be paired with the same amount of $CANDY as were reserved for point 1

the only “issue” is that for 1 and 2 the same amount of $CANDY tokens would need to be reserved respectively and Tokenomics would be changed slightly that way, but I don’t really see an issue here.


so let’s say $CANDY total supply is 10 million

  1. we take 10% (1 million tokens) and make an ICO for $CANDY, funds raised are in $GTON.
  2. let’s say we raised 100k $GTON that would mean 1 million candy = 100k $GTON, so the market cap of $CANDY is 1 million $GTON
  3. the 100k $GTON raised will be used to set up initial liquidity on the $CANDY/$GTON pair. The amount of $CANDY in the pool will be 10% like in step 1, so 100k $GTON along with 1 million $CANDY tokens
  4. the other 80% of $CANDY tokens will be used for whatever the initial plan was.

of course the percentage of $CANDY in step 1 and 2 could be tweaked, I just used 10% as an example

-fair launch, everyone has the same chance to get in at the same initial price
-no $GTON from the treasury used for initial liquidity. No front running. People dumping their $CANDY after initial LP setup are guaranteed to sell at a loss, so no big dumps after LP set up
-$GTON use case
-probably takes some $GTON off the market that would have been otherwise dumped on the USD pairs. Maybe even makes some people buy more $GTON to get into the ICO
-no complaints from people about bots front-running and dumping on them

Additionally a small percentage of the new tokens (like 5%) could be airdropped to $GTON stakers

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The only Issue I see here is that step 1 could not raise enough $GTON and so liquidity would be all messed up and initial price is too low, but we could determine a minimum amount of GTON (and therefor $CANDY price) needed for the ICO and if that amount is not met, the treasury steps in and purchases the rest of the tokens in the ICO to which helps set up initial liquidity at a guaranteed minimum (whatever weight was planned all along anyway)

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